Fast Tan DHA Tanning Lotion

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SR-Skincare DHA Fast Tan Lotion

employs 2 active tanning agents – DHA and Erythrulose which work together to develop a completely natural looking tan.

DHA is used in the vast majority of tanning lotions due to it’s ability to quickly develop a tan when applied to the skin, However DHA can tend to provoke an orange hued tan. Erythrulose is a slower acting tanning agent which produces a much more authentic colour. Combined, DHA and Erythrulose creates the best possible outcome, a fast developing tan that looks natural

Our Fast Tan Lotion contains natural oils and butters (almond oil, almond butter, and rice bran oil) to nourish the skin, moisturising agents (Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerine, and Jojoba esters) to hydrate the skin, and Panthenol and Vitamin E to condition and protect the skin,

The main issue with DHA is that it is an unstable ingredient and once incorporated into a lotion can degrade after a few months. This degradation is responsible for the orange tones and biscuity smell associated with tanning lotions. Our commitment to you is that we will make small batches on a very regular basis to ensure the absolute freshness of the DHA and thus ensure an orange free, odour free, and streak free tanning outcome.

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