Purifying Green Clay Mask

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Purifying Green Clay Mask

Congestion in the pores (strictly speaking the follicles) is the primary cause of acne outbreaks. The pores fill with a mixture of natural oil (sebum), dead skin cells, and dirt. If the follicle remains open the trapped gunk oxidises (turns black) and forms a blackhead. If the follicle closes over, the gunk provides a resource for the multiplication of acne causing bacteria which invariably leads to an inflammatory response – an acne spot.

The remedy is to clear the congestion in the follicles and clay masks are one of the most effective solutions. Clay masks have the ability to remove impurities from the skin and will certainly help clear the congestion from the follicles

SR-Skincare Green Clay Mask combines two of the most effective clays – French Green Clay and Zeolite with Willowbark Extract and Aloe Vera to create a highly effective detoxifying and congestion busting remedy for oily and combination skins. The Willowbark extract delivers natural Saliylic Acid which acts as a mild exfoliating agent to brighten a dull complexion and also boost the acne fighting properties of the clays. Aloe Vera helps soothe an often inflamed complexion.

How to use:
Using the applicator apply a light covering of the mask to the complexion. Make sure the face (and neck if you wish) is completely covered but avoid putting the mask on the lips and eyelids.

Grab a drink, put on some music and sit back and relax while the mask does its work. Depending on how thickly you applied the mask it should be dry to the touch after about 15 minutes. Rinse the complexion with warm water until all traces of the mask are removed. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and look clean and refreshed. If your skin is a little dry then apply a light moisturiser.

Use once per week.

100ml and 200ml sizes available. Make your choice from the drop down menu.

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1 review for Purifying Green Clay Mask

  1. Faye osafo

    Such a good product !! Draws out any impurities that start spots and pimples. This is my second buy and I’m buying the bigger version because it kept my skin flawless! I used probably every other day.

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